1 free ranked queue dodge a week

Sometimes you just know that your opponents will shit on your team based on the team comps selected, or the chat is already excessively toxic. Say you are in promos and you ADC just drafted Soraka after the support picked up their champion, so they are going Soraka ADC. And you know that lane is going to feed because of it. (Soraka is really only an ADC in Nemesis Draft, sometimes). No one wants to waste time in a near guaranteed loss. So by having 1 free dodge a week, you can just get out of there without worry of punishment (LP loss or a lost game in a series or a queue delay timer). These weekly free dodges will not make you ineligible for end of season rewards too. They are only to help you out of those bad situations. Lastly like the title said, they are only applicable in Ranked Queue (both Teams and Dynamic) so no free dodging Normals, ARAM, Rotating Game Modes, etc...
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