Imagine igniting a 20HP target and then your support/jungler yoinks it....

Like if you're going to KS a dead target and shit the bed for the entire rest of the game..... Ok my dude good job. You took all the kills when your team did all the damage, yes go feel proud and entitle to yourself that you're good when you basically did nothing and fail big time to even carry with all that KS. -------------- Like I don't give a shit as long as we secure the kill but as the game goes on and I realize how trash you are with all the kills and gold you've taken when I coulda done better with all those kill gold that you ks..... LOL good carry kid -------------- If I should mention, I rotated for my trash jungler twice, cus he's dumb at invading, and I die for him twice so he can secure double kill, and for the rest of the game.... He shit the bed. I rotated twice as a Mid laner and not one gank.... And then he decide to camp the Bot lane who refuses to rotated and also went 2-7 with his CAMP
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