The balancing choices for Tahm Kench and Galio are becoming a Nightmare

Neither of these champions can be balanced into a decent state, they are are too strong or completely useless. {{champion:223}} Tahm Kench's (who's meant to be a support) keeps having his damage buffed (thus making him too oppresive in Top Lane), and parts/mechanics of his supportive side nerfed and eventually removed just because it's a good tool to ensure someone's survival as well as because you know Pro Play. {{champion:3}} Galio ovetime was transformed from a Tank into an AP Bruiser, who's almost an AP Assassin with some tanky stats because most people are just going full AP on him. Riot just can't decide what to do with them, and anything they do just isn't working for the better. They are almost worst than Ryze/Kalista at this point, I guess Akali also fits this whole situation but not to such extreme intent as Tahm Kench and Galio.
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