"Wow dude you're playing like shit"

LoL esports was shocked by today as a player suddenly became better than all of SKT himself. Jimmy Smithson, age twenty, was playing at a bronze level when his teammate said "wow jimmy you're fucking trash". This caused his reaction time to sharpen by over a thousand percent, provoking Jimmy to dethrone faker as the best league player in the world. "I wish people had told me I'm garbage at this game and autistic. It unlocked my latent abilities and caused me to evolve as a person," Jimmy said, crackling with energy and glowing hair as he held aloft the corpse of a defeated Faker. Except this doesn't happen in the real world. I know I'm playing badly. You know I'm playing badly. The team can see I'm playing badly. Pointing out every single flaw I make and saying I'm shit isn't going to magically make me play better. People suck. People have bad games. Calling them out on it won't fix anything.
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