I am a Nasus player. I've played Nasus since season 2. I've got thousands of games on him.

Putting a sheer number on it is hard to do, but just know I've played him in practically every match-up imaginable. Nasus is entirely knowledge-based, and understanding the nuances of match-ups. Nasus isn't mechanically difficult, but overcoming his weaknesses is very difficult given his low-skill playstyle doesn't merit very high rewards. Nevertheless, I've managed to overcome that greatly. Despite my sub 50% winrate on him on this server at the moment (but something absurd like 70-80% on LAN), I'm actually doing well - I am just stuck in plat 3 losing promo series constantly. Keep everything in mind, because I wanted to preface it with this.. I just played against a Tahm Kench. And none of that mattered. *None of it.* Every piece of information I have was irrelevant. This player could literally violate the basics of the game: ignore creep damage, ignore cooldowns, ignore mana costs, ignore management of anything, ignore jungle pressure, ignore sustain battles - he could ignore it all. Nothing mattered. I even killed him at level 3 or 4! He walks up, presses buttons on me and I die. I do not get to play the game. I do not get to farm. I do not get to to be part of my team. I am then proceeded to be flamed endlessly, even though I did the absolute best I could to stay even in farm. I even get flamed by the tahm player himself - which is fine, I really do not mind casual shit talk. But Tahm is a fucking crutch for bad top laners. End of discussion - and no, I'm not calling this guy a bad top laner. But he clearly did not even need to care for match-up knowledge or nuances: he just played a champion that is so over-fucking-statted right now that my 3 year old could play him and probably climb higher than me right now. I am sorry, but what in the actual fuck is this? I really do try to refrain from attacking people in their professions. I'm someone in the process of honing my own profession and earning my degree. I do not take pleasure in this, because I've even run into Meddler a few times in solo queue and he's honestly the sweetest guy. [removed by moderation] This is a complete absolute abomination. And this has gone on for what, 3 patches now? This champion does not need tweaks, he needs to be buried into the ground. Nobody actually mains Tahm, because he doesn't have a kit. Nothing about him is fun or interesting save for his ult. Everything about him is boring and mundane. And you shove him in top laner, give him the ability to win any lane and then basically just ignore the community. I have seen people on boards, reddit, Facebook, and twitter complain about Tahm top. Riot, this has to end. It really does. Moderators, I also realize this borders on a rant and isn't the ideal place for gameplay posts. But Rioters need to see this. This is someone, a 7+ year customer of your services that still enjoys this game telling you he is not satisfied with your product at all. I have a lot of problems with Riot right now for obvious reasons, but I really did not want to have to start having disdain for the balancing/gameplay portion of their team that likely isn't responsible for all of the media related shenanigans taking place right now. But here I am. I am being honest, this was the absolute most unfun game I've ever had in thousands of games, thousands of hours. I have never had a worst experience than what I had tonight. I am pleading with you to please end this madness and dumpster this fucking champion until you can come up with an actual kit for him. Thank you.

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