Tenacity needs to effect Knockups and Pushes. Like Yesterday.

Why is this not a thing? We need to tools to deal with the likes of Alistar. It doesn't need to be stupid good, but if I'm rocking a lot of Tenacity, I shouldn't be able to just be pushed around. This offers tremendous opportunity to overhaul knockup and pushback mechanics in league. Do it. *Edit* Getting tons of people asking how it would work, this is what I'd like to see: 1.) Tenacity works on a percentage between 0% and 75% (That's a hard cap. Reducing all CC by 75% should be about as high as you can go ever. Worth noting that league currently does NOT have this cap) 2.) All Tenacity effects should stack multiplicatively. (They currently DO NOT - this would be to help balance extreme scenarios, and make hitting the cap very difficult/impossible.) 2.) All Champions start @ 0% and the percentage goes up based on abilities and items. 3.) In addition to Tenacities current effects, it should impact the duration of Knockups and Pushes. This ratio would be something like 1/3rd of your current Tenacity (so if your Tenacity is @ 50%, Knockups and Displacements would 'move' you 16.6% less.) Now. To get a scale of how things would work, lets look an extreme circumstance. Mundo stacking as much Tenacity as possible. Burning Agony (His Flame Aura) gives 30% Tenacity @ max rank Merc Treads give 30% Tenacity Unflinching in resolve gives 20% Tenacity. Legend: Tenacity ALSO gives 20% Tenacity. .7 * .7 * .8 * .8 = .31 or 69% (Just under our cap!) This means that Mundo would be moved 23% less by Hooks and Displacement effects. To those of you that would suggest that champions like Blitzcrank or Thresh would be ruined by this change, check this out: Ever since Ornn came into the game, we have 'Brittle' coded into the system which applies a Tenacity DEBUFF to the target. We could easily apply the same logic to something like Blitzcranks hook to ensure that the target always gets pulled to him. We'd have to come up with a name for the effect, but basically, the INSTANT you get hit by his hook, your Tenacity would be reduced by say..30% for one second. Thoughts?
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