Changing The Meta

What I believe, being stuck in low ELO and being perma-locked by the win 2 - lose 1 - win 1 - lose two cycle, is that a meta shift is necessary regarding top lane, or at least an alternative meta needs to become acceptable and not "omg u troll, reported fuk u" I've given the matter a lot of thought over the last month or so, and finally was able to put into practice these theories I've been crafting by happenstance when I traded roles with someone and forgot smite like an idiot. We were up against a Yi so naturally I locked Rammus; but without smite, I couldn't do my jungle route, instead I played support for top lane until level 6 with a Tryn against a Yorick. I had TP with me, which aided in securing dragons and rift since bot was very helpful and warded dragon, I could teleport to it directly after helping tryn kill yorick and be back top before yorick returned... We won the game by unanimous surrender. Of course 1 game isn't a sample, and 1 win doesn't mean it's viable, but it's a proof of concept... Currently we see Nasus healing to full health with a few Qs and auto attacks, Garen can stay in lane permanently with 3 beads and his passive. Urgot and Teemo can zone lanes like no one's business, Fiora is a nightmare and top lane generally has problems; I think any top lane main will admit that the lane is not in a good state and hasn't been for years, and every year it's been getting worse... I would like to see top lane supports become meta picks especially in bad matchups, say top picks first and gets countered into the dirt or the enemy picks an early game nightmare bully. I believe this can be a viable strategy, to use the jungler role as either a top lane tank (Rammus, Nautilus, Shen, Alistar, Malphite, Maokai etc.) paired with a squishier bruiser type (tryn, camille, jax, xin, and pretty much any of the old top laners who were relegated to the jungle with the juggernaut update) I think this would be an effective counter strategy, to snowball a lane early and then have the "support/jungle" roam the river as soon as the lane was secure, coming back to help take towers, or what have you. I want to be able to play this without getting reported, I think it's viable and I think it's a good idea. *edit* By taking TP you can respond to lanes getting ganked in 3 seconds rather than having to run, sometimes, all the way across the map to chase the enemy jungler. And in cases where you helped secure top a kill, and the enemy jungler decides not to keep coming top to assist in the 2v1, you can both teleport to the lane being ganked and turn a 3v2 or 2v1 into a 2v4 or 3v2. I think it has a lot of potential, not just in making the game more dynamic and interesting, but also in helping your team win.

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