Please lower the amount of time you are blocked from queue for dodging (after the first time)

Today around 3 AM I dodged a game because I had an autofilled first time Rammus jungle, and I like my LP. I waited my 5 minutes and queued up again, no problem. Then I went to bed exhausted from a long night of moving absolutely no where on the soloq ladder. Just now I woke up & queued up, but I dodged a game by accident because I was alt-tabbed and didn't notice I was first pick. So now I have to wait a full half an hour before I can play the game again. In my opinion, with how streamlined/fast queue and champ select have become, 30 minutes is much to long to have to wait before I can join queue again. When I dodge a game, I am most likely not costing other players anywhere near 30 minutes of their time. I will be able to write this and post it, and still have time left before I can play more league of legends. In the same amount of time that I am blocked from queuing, I could have played a game where the enemy ff@20 AND watched an entire Pewdiepie video. I believe some potential fixes to this are to either directly decrease the time penalty on dodging, or make the penalty refresh more frequently (right now I think it resets every 24 hours?) Does anyone agree or am I on my own here?
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