@AnyRiotBalanceMember, You Guys Need to Make US You're Priority Not LCS/Devs Corner

I've been away for a bit but had to come back after seeing these complaints escalate. Anyways, since Meddler has made it clear from a few updates ago, that he would rather address the problems all together at devs corner, instead of ACTUALLY communicating directly with the community (which would hit the nail accurately), how do we even expect to get our voices heard? If we comment under devs corner, we're most likely just gonna get down voted into oblivion by the causals. How exactly is it so difficult to just come here and make a detailed post on these forums, addressing any future changes? Maple Nectar's presence last week or so, was actually REFRESHING, for once to see someone care enough to be here with us. We aren't perfect, but I can say with confidence, that if Riot decides to further ignore the rest of us here, it will hit them harder than they think.
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