With tanks dominating in lcs, i hope this will stop the myth that tanks "got nerfed and are weak"

Most of them actually need nerfs atm, and the items, {{item:3076}} , {{item:3190}} and {{item:3193}} all need to get hammered asap, maokai/sej/zac are all still ridic in the jungle (j4 for top), rammus/cho have absurd win rates in solo q, even singed is doing good now even though hes not exactly a tank (can be built as one though and in fact its still his best build because tank items are strong while ap bruiser items like rylais have seen too many nerfs), not even mentioning how strong tank supports are atm (thresh being one of the most op champs in the last few patches). Basically tanks are the top role in 3 out of 5 positions in the map...But hey ppl dont play malphite too much so tanks are horribly weak right?
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