Fiora Jungle (Not kidding)

{{champion:114}} Jungle. I know most of you probably think i'm trolling but check my here's how you play it. Part 1: Start blue side and don't smite the monster. If the enemy jungler starts blue side you can take their red and put them severly behind. Just Q over the wall at the Dragon pit. Take the red buff into the bush so you aren't spotted. Fiora is THE GRAND DUELIST so she can 1v1 most junglers in the meta like kha'zix, Xin Zhao, And Graves. After your first back you should buy challenging smite. Fiora can do raptors surprisingly easily. Just use your W in the bush and get as many raptors in the hitbox as possible. You will heal a bunch from the passive. Part 2: Build {{item:1412}} (For 1v1's, when equal or behind with enemy jungler. {{item:1400}} if ahead by 1 kill or 2.) {{item:3077}} for waveclear if your going to splitpush and {{item:3078}} for damage. {{item:3117}} are AMAZING if you are ahead a kill or two and can make you counter jungle really well. Also Improves your ganking potential. If fiora jungle is so good-- Why are you gold 2? Well sometimes i get tilted and try to 1v9 even when im behind. i feel like in the hands of a good player fiora jungle can easily get you to at least diamond. Enjoy the freelo.
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