How to fix s8 by reworking health.

Season 8 So Far for Me
So far season 8 for me has felt like a a whole bunch of crap where i don't even have fun when fed anymore. The game is slowly turning to what dota is in terms of damage, but not as bad, but still bad.
I was scrolling through the boards and I found this link. I am not that old of a player (started playing lol as aurelion sol release) but I love the game, I am feeling really sad at what the game as become. TOP: tanks only (maybe bruiser will be back after new keystone) JNG: tanks (maybe a champion like lee sin or rex'sai every now and then) MID: mages (assasins are garbage in higher elo) BOT: adc + tank/healer (tank > heal generally) This is depressing when the enemy team has 3 tanks that all do a relatively decent amount of damage. With an adc that never dies and a mage to just top it all off. In my opinions adc are doing too much damage and tanks are doing their jobs all too well. To fix this im not sure what to do with adcs but for tanks rework health. It needs to be a similar concept like armour, you can get as much armour as you want BUT you will never get 100% reduced physical damage. So keeping base health as it is and making bonus health get calculated through a formula before adding it would be amazing. Obviously this will lead to some huge bugs with some champions and I would love for his idea to be a reality, because its obnoxious when you are a full leathality talon with 1 randuins omen in order counter the 3 adcs they have and you get 3khp. Also another idea (this is a personal opinion) instead of saying hashinshin is a retard because he complains maybe actually argue with him in an ordered manner? Cause if hes wrong in a way he ll admit it, just prove it to him with facts, I work the same way so I promise you it will be a good call.
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