@Riot; Instead of adding unnecessary features to the game this preseason...

Why not update outdated champions that have deeply fallen out of the meta? {{champion:77}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:3}} Why not fix the bugs and clunky abilities? {{champion:35}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:429}} Why not fix the fact that there are currently multiple unplayable champions because they are _perma banned_ right now? {{champion:157}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:122}} You're trying to implement new features in a broken game. How about you **fix** the game first before you start messing around with plants? Why are you prioritizing on evolving the game when the game that currently exists desperately needs attention? We constantly go through this cycle of patch after patch, something is always broken, something is always trash tier and you try to fix this all year long and to no avail. I think that a large scale champion update/balance overhaul would be the appropriate take on starting season 7.
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