@Meddler, Turrets are depressingly weak, and still getting a nerf on PBE. Why?

Ok, so the first turret feels like a small achievement when you bring it down, because a lot of that success is based on the performance of the lane + help from the jungler. The rest of the turrets in game are pathetic, especially inhibitor turrets and nexus turrets. Even squishies can stand under and absorb plenty of damage. Nothing is worse than seeing a Tryndamere or Jinx just rip a turret down like it is wet tissue paper. And don't even get me started on turrets not focusing champs when they dive you. This is still a recurring and occasional bug, and I have lost ranked games because of this. Turrets should be much more threatening. I remember when I started playing, very late into season 3. I regarded turrets as deadly towers which I could be safe under. Those days seem long gone. Nexus turrets should essentially feel like their team needs to be aced in order to take them down, instead of these pathetic lasers that we currently have. They should also destroy squishies very fast. Riot, please give huge buffs to base turrets. Would like to also hear the official stance on turrets from a Rioter who is part of the balance team. All discussion welcome.
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