How to defend against Tahm Ketch.

Hi everyone, So I'm a Darius main, Ive really taken my play up a notch, got 2 pentakills this week, I've got my champ down and my match ups down. HOWEVER, any meele champ I've ever played, Riven, Garen, Nasus, Tryndamere. They have all suffered the same date against Tahm. A keyboard snapping screen slamming defeat. I don't understand this champ and I don't own him. I understand how he works 3 stacks and say goodnight. However, do I build armor, ap, or health? Doesn't he break all forms of defense, so is it just health? How do I evenly tank Tahm. I out macro these players, I contol the waves, I out CS them, I Dodge as much as possible, but what can I build to slow him down since he heals off minions, how do I build some form of sustain against him?
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