Why these mages?

Mid-Year Mage Update
Hey all, The next class update will be focused on “traditional” Mages and I’m here to give you guys and gals some of the initial details. Similar to the Juggernaut and Marksman releases, these updates aim to take look at an entire class of champions and accomplish 2 primary goals:
Riot recently announced that the mages they will be focusing on in the mage update will be Malzahar, Vel’Koz, Brand, Vladimir, Cassiopeia, and Zyra. While it's nice to finally see who they will be changing, some of these choices are confusing to me. In my opinion, only Cassiopeia and Zyra are the two champs here that are in dire need of some changes. The rest, especially Vel'Koz, feel less in need of changes than some other immobile mages that are not on the list, such as Galio, Swain, or maybe even Annie. I don't think that, for the most part, they picked the right champions. Choosing Vel'Koz of all mages to change just mystifies me, especially with all the people asking specifically for him not to be changed. There are other mages struggling and I'm wondering if I can get any insight as to why they picked these 4.
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