Every region wants a Wukong rework, but China doesn't, so no rework.

Almost any Wukong you ask wants a rework on him, not even neccesarilly a full rework, although he has a lot of potential with his story and skins, but whatever. Only a mini rework would be amazing to make him more skillful and have some sort of a way to actually deal with top lane match ups. Right now (or for the last 2-3 years) he loses like 90% of top lane match ups, and in the jungle you can just invade him all day long, because he's gonna be low hp almost always. That's why he was played mid lane and got a first debut in lcs since season 4. LOL and immediately nerfed 3 times in a row. He has so much potential for a rework and amazing skins, but he's being left in the gutter again after being in it for 4 years.
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