How do you fight zoe?

Literally used exhaust and ignite on me in lane at lvl 3. kept getting ignites an using them for free poke. always had flash up, if i flashed on her she flashed away an then came back to lane an used my flash to get to me. impossible to dodge cc that does insane damage when she uses R to throw it at you point blank? Massive nuke on super low CD that can be shot off screen and does aoe damage basically 1 shots minion wave to push. Did i mention unlimited fucking summoner spells and actives????? How is this ok to have no chance to go in on her cause she always has a sum avaliable and can use stuff liek ignite protobelt and redemption before the items are even built, i had a lvl 3 zoe killed me with blue smite into proto belt like what??
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