The most Petty thing i'v seen in a game so far.

First, i am the jungler, i was playing Evelynn(since she's my main, preparing for my first true try at climbing by spamming her in norms.) My bot lane Heimerdinger and Mundo, alright i'm not a jerk i don't say anything, it's norms and i really don't care. I do what i always do, i farm up until 6, gank if i have to. At 6 i was really struggling to find kills, so i went bot lane, ignored heimer as he ran from Taric, run and kill the MF. Heimer: Eve, hello, help? But...he lived though, and i got the kill AND i put the enemy ADC behind? So because of this, he claims i was "Using him as bait." (which i was.) and proceeded to play the rest of the game with his Duo partner, like this. *Eve goes to gank bot lane, Bot lane runs directly under their own tower, completely ignoring the wave and waiting until i leave.* *Garen and Eve go to gank bot lane, bot lane runs under their own tower and waits until we die or leave.* *Garen Dies* Mundo: Doesn't feel good does it? Like what? That's so unbelievably petty XD They did this the whole game, even past Mid Game and Late game, if any one on the team came near them to help and went in, they'd purposely leave.
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