Fuck this state of league!

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Fuck this game rn, 5 man premade against me i dealt most damage, solod herald, won ton of 1v2 and we still lose bcs of my stupid team especially the yasuo. Oh maplhite does a 3 man ult??? Better save my ult says yasuo and proceeds to go 1v1 the fed akali and use ult on her and he didn't even win the 1v1. Matches are so 1 sided and for the love of god don't let people 5 man premade pls riot those pussiess thought they were good when they win against a 6 year old Yasuo who said gg at 15 mins. Guess I'll have to duo as well but atleast i won't tryhard like those pussies do! Fuck this state of the game where if you're good or bad doesn't matter! Riot got your back when they give u against 5 premade and on ur team inting yasuos (:
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