Been playing since S2 - hanging up my account now

Because I think the balance team has no idea what the fuck they're doing, the lore team hasn't kept a promise to the community since roughly September of last year (if then), new champion designs are consistently unfun bullshit, and _we cannot speak to developers anymore_. Nobody fucking listens. Kalista's problem is _her kit._ She needs a rework. With a HACKSAW. Changing her numbers won't do shit when she gets free skillshot dodges every autoattack and her E stacks indefinitely (making it literally just a better Twitch E). Ekko _has buffs on PBE_. The "utility assassin" who can still burst people risk-free is getting buffed despite a top-tier ban rate. Why? Good fucking question. If only we could talk to the reds about it. The Magus Enchant (which was useable by the one AP jungler out there) got replaced by the Runeglaive enchant (which was useable by Mid Ezreal), allowing an exploit and solving nothing. The Zeke's rework is going to ruin bot lane in favor of kill lanes. There's no counterplay. You just get 50% crit for free. A lot of the champions and backstory are really cool, but we aren't allowed to see any of it except for in the week leading up to a new champion release. Back in S2/S3, you used to be able to go on the forums and see reds responding frequently to player issues. If a champ was OP, or an item was OP, we could get someone in to say what was happening to fix it or why the changes were happening the way they were. And above all, the reds _listened._ If a change was unpopular, it would be reverted. Remember Slay Belle Katarina? People complained about her poledance recall. _So they changed it._ I'm not being super coherent here, and I know that. I just... fuck. I'm sick of seeing a Kalista on the enemy team and knowing my bot lane is lost. I'm sick of champion releases meaning every game is a mirror match, with the new champ having 1000% more impact than any other player. I'm sick of seeing problems that every single fucking player agrees on, and seeing them go completely unaddressed. Where are replays? Where is Ranked Dominion? When are you fixing Quinn's autoattack animation? (I know, this one's a little less oft-seen. Most people played her, realized she was shit, and didn't think on why.) When are we getting lore? When is Tribunal coming back? When are we getting feedback to know that a player has been punished for our reports? When can I finally play League again without the certainty that my 45-minute game is going to be ruined by one player, on my team or the other team, either through their behavior or their champion picks? Four years is too long to be asking some of these questions. And the things that kept me satisfied with a lack of an answer are starting to fade away. I'm gonna go play Heroes of the Storm, I think. It's kinda sad when Blizzard has more community interaction now than Riot does. EDIT FOR SURPRISING AMOUNT OF FEEDBACK: Wow, I actually kind of expected this to die off... Only reason I posted was to vent. To the people saying "recent news posts have mentioned their plans for the tribunal", I just went through the news feed and the most recent post that even mentions the PB&J team is [this one](, which predates Ekko. Yes, we've been told there are plans for the Tribunal, but - and correct me here if I'm wrong - we don't actually have an ETA. Keep in mind that "soon, pending tech work" is exactly the same thing we were told about expanded lore... when the Shurima update went live last September. League is the only game I've ever stuck with for more than a year or two, and I stuck with it because the game always felt like it was expanding and getting better. Old problems were being erased, new issues were being addressed and tweaked. Now old problems get ignored (or set aside for literally months on end until they can be redone from the ground up), new problems are getting progressively WORSE, and sweeping changes are made without warning and ignorant of critical feedback. Every player seems to recognize this. No one in a position to change things seems to care.
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