I'm so sick of 9.14

Log In. Hit Play. TFT Ranked. Que Up. Wait 10 seconds. Que Pops. Hit Accept. Game Start. Immediately see Reconnect button. This is has been like this since the launch of 9.14! It's been a week or so since it went to live! Why is this still a thing!? I'm so goddamn sick of wanting to play a goddamn game, and not even be able to connect to it right away! Instead I have to go into League's files on my computer and delete somethign or other to get the fucking game working, OR EVEN WORSE, Restart my whole fucking computer! I've lost TFT LP for this bullshit! It's not my fault, it's Riot's fault! I want my goddamn LP back for your broken ass game! FUCK I'M SO SICK OF THIS GODDAMN PATCH{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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