A Way to Balance Sterak's Gage for Juggernauts, Bruisers and Marksmen

With how {{item:3053}} is being picked up by adc's in LCS because of how cheap and the immediate survivability it gives to them, it is true a change is warranted for the item. However, nerfing the Hp on the item like what's on the pbe isn't the right thing to do imo. Instead, Riot should make it so the shield scales UP to what it is currently on live. Make it like {{item:3034}} , except in reverse. It starts off at 10% max health shield, and for every 100 Bonus HP the wearer has, add 1% to the shield when it procs(So just by buying Sterakk's, you start off with 15% Max health shield). This scales up to the cap of 30% Max health shield the item has now(Or maybe 35%, if the -100 HP nerf for the item stays). The numbers and ratios can be adjusted very easily for balance, too. This is a good change because A: It doesn't really nerf the item for juggernauts or bruisers at all because their natural build path stacks HP, unless they go full AD or purchase the item as a first buy and B: Marksmen are much less inclined to get it, because they don't get a full 30% shield unless they invest in more HP from other items, a less then stellar stat for them. I think this change would fix the issue with {{item:3053}} right now. Thoughts?
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