Do people actually play Blind Pick?

I mean, I guess it's a faster queue if you group up with friends, and ofc in other regions draft probably took really long (notice i said took because draft is literally removed from some regions) I've seen a few posts about it and I think the best thing to say to Riot right now is "We preffer quality over quantity" Also I think calling out Team Builder to come back is not necessary, since its a hundred times better than blind pick. A few reasons why I wouldn't like blind pick to be the only "normal" mode: - Mirror matches (some find these challenging but I just dont lke it) - Champ select obnoxious toxicity -nuff said - Role calling My condolences to the regions that lost draft mode, I guess there will be less people playing League now on those? I should be playing on LAS/LAN since im from LAS, but I honestly preffer NA because my region people is twice as toxic as NA people, even tho I have 200ms on every game here, I can still play comfortably.
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