PSA: Your will to surrender is no more important than my will to keep playing the game out

I'm sure I'll get insta-downvoted to all hell here because this is an incredibly unpopular opinion (or at least the boards makes it look like it) and that's fine, but I just wanna let everyone know that just because YOU want to surrender does not mean that we should. - Sometimes my choice to not surrender isn't because I think we can win but because I'm still legitimately having fun regardless of the outcome. - Sometimes I don't surrender because I know I can carry the game if I just farm up and stay out of trouble. Sometimes I'm wrong. Sometimes I'm right. - Sometimes I don't surrender because the enemy team is full build and our team had 5 items and is about to even out in power and their lead wont mean anything anymore. - Sometimes I don't surrender because being someone who gives up when the going gets tough isn't who I am as a person. - Sometimes I don't surrender because I get killed during an early invade by Lee or Graves or some shit, and I have to make sure that they know that they appear to be confused if they think that I'm not gonna make them spend the rest of their game regretting that decision. Karma's a bitch. - Sometimes I don't surrender because I'm playing a champ I have an incredibly high winrate with and I know I can run down the enemy team when I hit my powerspike. - Sometimes I don't surrender because I'm naturally good with people, know how to be a good leader, and have a firm grasp of human psychology which allows me to rally my teammates and LITERALLY CHEERLEAD US TO VICTORY. Some people think the "we can do it!" mindset is annoying but at the end of the day, I'm the one getting LP, so who's really winning here? ( "gj, ty, np, it's alright man you got this, lol please senpai carry me harder, good shit guys, Faker is that you?, and damn guys save some for me!" has netted me HELLA FREELO.) - Sometimes I don't surrender because this is ranked. Don't expect me to. Even if I'm more likely to be struck by lightning than win this ranked game, I'm still gonna play it out. Last season I ended with a ~70% winrate on {{champion:37}} after 148 games by hard carrying from B5 up to S1. If I agreed to surrender every time the vote came up because our chances looked slim and I "didn't wanna waste time and just get into another match" my 70% would've been a lot closer to 50% instead. - Sometimes I don't surrender because the enemy said something cocky like "so you scrubs gonna FF already? I'm bored" and Momma ain't raise no bitch so I gotta come back and cuck these kids and make them eat their words. - And finally, Sometimes I don't surrender because even though you think it's a waste of YOUR time to keep playing a game that appears to be lost, I think it's a waste of MY time to look for a game, get dodged on twice in ban phase, go through champ select, load them game, and then play for 20 minutes and say "you know what? I'm not feeling this" and just give up. We are both equals. Neither of our opinions, beliefs, wants, or needs are more important than the other's, so if given a choice between my beliefs and yours, you cant really blame me for picking mine, just like i cant blame you for picking yours. Oh and INB4 the obvious comment of "yeah well when bot lane feeds 0/10 and my top laner feeds, and my JG never ganks even though I've been ganked 7 times, but my bronze team thinks they can always win and won't ff," OF COURSE I'm gonna FF if the score is 4/38. I'm not an idiot. Anyways guys good luck in your climb, and thanks for reading. Hopefully this post clarified the mindset of someone like me who is reluctant to click "yes" on the FF vote.
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