Why is it whenever tanks get buffs to combat ADCs, they become even stronger against fighters?

Let's take a look shall we 1. Tanks getting tons of % HP magic damage over the years instead of non % HP magic damage. Who builds HP? Fighters. Who lost 27 MR at level 18 because of the rune changes? Fighters. 2. Bramble Vest introduced. Do ADCs ever lane against tanks who rush this? No. Who does? Fighters. 3. Thornmail being changed from purely based on the incoming AA damage to scaling with armor. This change is trickier to understand but the OLD version screwed high AD and high AS champs equally as hard since it was solely based on damage dealt. Now, it scales off of your own armor PER hit, meaning high AS champs get fucked much harder than low AS champs. 4. Grevious wounds being added to thornmail. Do ADCs even build lifesteal anymore? Outside of the occasional bork or scimitar? Meanwhile, some fighters are completely shut down by the grevious wounds completely because their whole kit relies on it. You can't even build lifesteal vs tanks to try to sustain in lane anymore because of this
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