Which abilities feel the absolute worst to misuse?

**Time for some catharsis through our mutual shame, friends. What champions do you fear using the most out of the horrible misplays you might possibly commit?** This question comes to mind after the last match I played with an allied Poppy who landed a perfect fully charged ultimate on an enemy Katarina...who landed smack dab on top of our low health Aatrox pushing further up the lane. Hilarity ensued...no, wait. Death. Death ensued. That's the word. I always confuse the two. Anyway, I am absolutely terrified of playing Poppy's new kit because of how often I know I'm going to bungle her ultimate...and everything else in her high impact kit. Here is a short list further of champions who I have felt the most shame using: {{champion:12}} Gods, do I feel stupid using Alistar sometimes. Not as much anymore since it's impossible to whiff his W->Q combo anymore, but one too many tragic headbutt enemy saves have occurred in the past. Compounding this is my fear of wasting his amazing ultimate by popping it at the wrong time. Yeah, good thing I saved that 70% damage reduction to cleanse that root when I'm at 10% health now after the enemy team has unloaded all of their burst on me! {{champion:40}} This is only with one specific condition. I will under no circumstances ever pick Janna if there is a {{champion:90}} on my team. I'm...I'm sure a Malzahar player out there can help explain why. {{champion:9}} *Assume fetal position* **CAW CAW CAW** Oh, look. The enemy isn't actually bunching up inside the bush I thought I saw them hiding in 3 seconds ago. Ha ha. I hope they don't have a ward there to see my failure. Heh heh heh, time to press R oh dang the teamfight suddenly moved 2 feet up the- **CAW CAW CAW** Guuuuuys, wait up! At least let me get a couple ticks of damage off! Please. No. Fiddlesticks. Don't move right in front of the brush I was hiding in to channel your ultimate. (insert quickly truncated cawing) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **I know some of you are at least as dumb as me. Let the pain all seep out, brethren. Reveal to me your secret shame.** (P.S. Does anyone know if Fiddlestick's terrify still works on minions? N-Not that I've ever done that)
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