My Taliyah (Midlane) Guide First of all: Sorry for the poor quality of the video. Now let's come to the real deal: Taliyah is still an extremely fun champion to use and she can obliterate any squishy if she gets slightly ahead and hits her damned W. Her laning phase is not that good. She really depends on a decent jungler. Her wave clear is decent, but takes a lot of mana to use if the enemy goes tryhard pushing. She really excels at roaming though. 100% chance to either force botlanes flashes or secure kills if they don't have dashes. Against a botlane with dashes you will have to wait till the enemies push a little in and then come from behind for a clean 3v2. Taliyah is very squishy herself and has the lowest or one of the lowest base armor stats of all mages, so she dies instantly if anyone gets close to her. The best synergy you can have is when playing with a Morgana or Zyra support, so you can get an easy kill with your W E combo when the support hits their root. The same counts for the jungler. A Rengar that hits his E is a secure kill unless the enemy is tanky of course. That being said, I really had the perfect team comp to use Taliyah in this SoloQ match. My old username that I used in 2017 was "TaliyahToMaster" (Spoiler: I never managed to get to Master) and "something jungle taliyah something". See the latter one I don't even remember so stupid I think is Taliyah in jungle right now. I have played Taliyah ever since her release and even though her W changed just a few weeks after her release, I stayed with her. And even with her Q change from very early on granting bonus damage to minions to getting its AoE removed entirely last year, I still stay with Taliyah. It will take a whole lot more to get me to stop playing her. She is just so perfect. If you like to be a bigger part of your team than just win midlane and fight, fight and fight. Then I would recommend playing Taliyah. She brings a huge amount of utility with her. Her ultimate obviously being the greatest thing she can offer. She can almost single handedly decide a whole game just by using her ultimate good or badly in a team fight. You just have to be aware that you are very easy to kill. Taliyah is also very good at split pushing, provided you have warded the area to not get ambushed. Due to her ultimate, she can reach the barons pit rather easily when split pushing botlane. I am only platinum 2 at the moment. I do hope to land in higher diamond later this season though. Given my current placing, obviously some of my tips might be seen not that great in the eyes of a higher elo player, but so far my playstyle has helped me out positively. I have a few different rune sets that I use whenever I feel like it. There is really no bias to when I use what rune set, even if some might be better in different match ups. Currently I like using this one: Electrocute and Cheap Shot deal massive damage in combination with Taliyah's W E Q combo. It helps securing kills in the early game. Ignite is almost overkill at that point, but nice to have nontheless. Eyeball collection to scale into late game and Ravenous Hunter to heal when hitting enemies. I decided for the precision tree as secondary, because Presence of Mind helps me clear the wave after I killed my lane opponent. Due to Taliyah's high mana cost, she would otherwise probably be out of mana and not be able to clear the wave. It also lowers the huge ultimate CD after a kill so I can roam more often. Coup de Grace is just there to secure kills. Alternatively I like to use this rune set: Aery over comet, because comet is easy to dodge and Aery guarantees damage on the enemy. Also procs on auto attacks. The real MVP here is Manaflow Band though. It restores so much mana in a game that I don't need Presence of Mind from the precision tree. Transcendence to reach 45% CDR sooner and get some extra AP when I have blue buff or have to build an extra cdr item like banshee. Gathering Storm is not all too great, because the stats it offers only escalate late in the game, but since it offers some scaling, it is more useful than waterwalking and scorch. The secondary tree is inspiration with either Biscuits or Future Market. Biscuits allow me to stay on the lane longer, but future market allows me to buy a powerspike item sooner. Both are great, so use whatever you like better. Cosmic insight is mandatory in my opinion. the 5% max cdr allow to reach 45% which not only makes your ultimate cooldown ridiculously low, but also allows you to literally spam your Q. The core build for Taliyah is: {{item:3285}} > {{item:3020}} > {{item:3116}} The rest of the items are usually depending on the situation. Build a Void Staff if just one enemy has an MR item. It's definitely worth it. Morello and Liandry are nice to have and Rabadon is usually not necessary unless the game drags onto the late game.

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