Lets face it: Mordekaiser's ult will become a balancing nightmare.

First things first. I absolutely LOVE the fantasy behing fighting for your life against a literal avatar of death (and metal), but on the other hand i can already see serious abuse potential in it. **Problem No. 1 "A worthy oponent."** Lets face the sad truth. How often will we see {{champion:82}} willingly targeting feed {{champion:266}} / {{champion:24}} / {{champion:11}}... with his ult? Do you know who will be targeted insted? Champions that cant defend themselves and cant run away. "Lets challenge this {{champion:350}} / {{champion:16}} / {{champion:40}} / 0/10 {{champion:157}} , they definitely looks like a good and fair fight." ______________________________________________ **Problem No. 2 "What happens in death realm stays in death realm... unless we are premade."** Imagine a simple situation. You play on top vs {{champion:82}}. You killed him already and you are ahead in cs, he is no threat to you. You just spotted enemy jungler, {{champion:120}}, heading toward toplane so you turn around to evacuate to your turrent but then Morde ults you. He is not engaging you, he knows he cant win... but he can wait for his premade jungler to take good position on the other side. What do you do? Fight him? Even if you win there is his teammate waiting for you. Well, you can at last count on that his teammate will not know where you will reappear, right? Worng, they are on voice chat so he knows exactly where you are. GG fair duel. ______________________________________________ **Problem No. 3 "Scrifacial {{champion:82}}"** Another sitauation. You hard carry your team... 20/3/5 on {{champion:11}}, feels good. Just one more teamfight and the game game is yours. You go in and... poof, you are stuck in this death realm with this useless 0/10 "support" {{champion:82}} that went full tank.... How long will it take to kill him? 4-5s max. Once you are done with him you ready yourself to go into the teamfight... but your team is gone. Without it's only carry your teammates were decimated in seconds. Enemy team "traded" one support for one extermally feed carry. A worthy trade. ______________________________________________ **Problem No. 4 "Left to die"** And last situation. You and 2 other members of your team ecounter 4 members of enemy team (dragon/herald fight or whatever). Your team disengages and everyone is almost safe but then enemy {{champion:82}} ults you. This leaves 2 v 3 on the outside... your team decides to run for thier lives and leave you for certain death once you reappear, even if you menage to kill Morde there are 3 enemies waiting for you (or they are Irons and decide to go back 2v3 to save you... and all 3 of you die :D). One last thing... imagine all this in Proplay. Pros are gonna hate this champ. Not that i care about esport nowadays anyway.
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