Yasuo Windwall Utility is too high

Yasuo's Windwall is WAY to powerful at low ranks with it lasting 4 seconds. Even with the smallest width it requires a team to move around it to be able to partake in a team fight what with it lasting a whole 4 seconds! Most team fights are over in like 6 or less. I think making the duration scale like the width would go a long way with making him feel less toxic to play against. Especially with his windwall being generally the last ability maxed on him. It makes him have to decide on Utility and survivability (W) vs Damage (Q) or Mobility (E). I was thinking a duration scaling like 2->2.5->3->3.5->4. He still gets his windwall and it still has an effect in team fights and duels, lasting long enough for a benefit in any teamfight without feeling like a complete shutdown. And at late game he gets the widest and longest lasting windwall to really push home his late game carry potential. What does the community think?
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