Analysis on Gameplay and the Meta

So far what I've observed is about ***6*** different total team oriented play styles. You have your **Aggressive Engage**, a composition that includes heavy engage mechanics and good chasing mechanics. High AoE burst as well, with good single target focus but lacking in effective peels, and disengages. You have **Aggressive Reactive**, a composition which focuses primarily on waiting for the enemy team to harass. and then proceeds to poke back and follow up with an execution. Usually considered an assassin type playstyle. You also have **Aggressive Adaptive**, which could be considered one of the strongest play styles simply for the sheer utility and pushing, or a combination of the two above. Heavy disengage with pokes, but no execution for maximum pushing, for example. Extreme split pushing power with multiple teleports, all waiting to engage in a single lane. ~~-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------~~ That sums the *Aggressive* side up, now for the *Defensive* play style. ~~-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------~~ You have **Defensive Re-engage**, most commonly seen in a team-wide scatter then picking off your teammates one at a time, or completely disengaging a team fight and forcing you all to back, while they push. You have your **Defensive Reactive** which is completely poke-based. They get harassed, and they go all-out when you over-extend. They commonly do this purely to frustrate you, and to outfarm you in lane, along with double zoning, or single zoning. It's a very annoying play style. but handily effective in it's primary function of late-game based play. You finally have your **Defensive Adaptive**, which is primarily based on repelling the enemy and eventually outfarming them. It's not based on very many forms of aggression, and is a primary late-game initiative that is focused almost solely on lane rotation. It's one of the stronger play-styles as it meshes the two above in to one hybridized play style, leading more towards outplaying and minor aggression. ~~-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------~~ Thoughts, anyone?
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