Support items should just get a massive overhaul at this point

Every year there always seems to be some kind of fuckery that appears that involves support items being abused by solo laners or carries. Season 5: Sightstone on junglers Season 6: Spellthiefs mid lane for income/sustain Season 7: Ardent + ADC Relic Season 8: Relic, but was eventually removed EDIT: S8 Top laners also used coin Season 9: Klepto and Spellthiefs Year after year support items are given nice new things only to be abused by non supports which eventually end up with them getting nerf to the trash can all together. Year after year supports and their items have received more nerfs than any QoL or buffs. Every year there seems to be some kind of issue with support items and solo laners abusing them and at this point I'd rather you overhaul the entire thing than look for more nerfs. With recent changes to Spellthiefs and Coin these are massively the most horrendous changes that could have ever went live. You're literally tying a support to an ally, what's even the point of playing a self sufficient AP support anymore when you can't even proc the tribute damage alone. That's not even the worst of your problems, what happens if your ADC is constantly dying in lane and you don't have an ally around to farm gold? The first changes for removal of sight stone and incorporating the 500g was already bad enough as I had a couple of games where I can't even interact with my lane and have to wait almost nearly 20 mins just to complete my freaking item. But now if you're in a shitty lane match up where you can't poke or you'll die or your getting camped you make literally 0 gold. Just overhaul the items already and start new they've been balancing nightmares for a long time now.
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