What are your most favorite and hated lane matchups?

What are your most favorite and most hated lane matchups and why? If you are more of a bot lane kind of person, please tell me which bot lane ADC/Support combo you hate the most? Or if you're a jungler which opponent jungler do you hate the most? My most hated lane matchups top are: {{champion:13}} ,{{champion:10}} and {{champion:127}} , because they are lane bullies and can scale hard into a late game. In {{champion:10}} and {{champion:13}} -es case they push the lane really hard and if your jungler is a potato and refuses to punish their agressive play, it can become a long and painful lane. What's disgusting even more, once they get their few core items, they can proceed to 1v1 any champion in the game. Don't play mid a lot, but don't like laning against a super safe pokey type of champions like {{champion:101}} or {{champion:115}} . Because they can farm from a distance and can abuse the shit out you if you are melee or your range is shorter. I both hate laning against {{champion:238}} , because his laning phase is extremely obnoxious and barely has lane counters. The only way to stop him is to buy defense items. And if you are playing a mid mage, relinquishing mana regen early in the game is really not that great in early. Love playing against a {{champion:11}} jungle, because i have less fears of getting ganked, or if i am the jungler i can put a lot bigger pressure early.
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