Can we get some Sona buffs?

Or probably the more healthy choice, could ADC's have less sustain during laning phase? It's bad enough that i'm a super slow champion with no gap closer, my healing is a joke until i pick up like 2 items for bonus healing/shields, i have no hard CC, and the second lowest health stat in the game (just behind {{champion:34}} ). Heck i'll even take the damage nerf her Q got in stride. Might even be able to stomach the 33% increase in cost, at level 1, her only offensive skill received. But could i at least be able to grind enemies out when they have no healer/shielder, and i provide rather constant pressure (when Q is up). You don't want Sona to be a hyper lane bully who has to fail miserably to run OOM, whom then transitions into a hyper sustain / utility support. You fixed the issue where Sona basically never ran out of mana despite spamming poke. You fixed the issue where {{item:3504}} basically made Sona a walking 7th item for her teammates. Can she PLEASE have a positive effect on the game during the first 25 mins.

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