Quit voting no in CLEARLY LOST GAMES.

This shit has got to be the most childish fucking act known to man. Score is 32/7, we have no towers and they got baron. I throw the surrender option up, nope we're gonna vote no and waste more fucking time. Legit, you could've ff'd the game, and got into another in the time it took for them to finally end the fucking game, but nah, we never surrender! Regardless if the score is 100/0, im still going to vote no! Even if they're killing us in our fountain for 30 minutes straight, we're not going to forfeit! This is literally holding players hostage, drop the fucking act. Legit from this day forward, if some stupid ass r word votes no on a lost game, I'm literally going to fucking leave. I am NOT going to sit there and be punished because this single celled organism refuses to accept the fact that we fucking lost the game. That is completely fucking idiotic and I will not put up with that. I will gladly take the 20 minute timers. Just to be clear here, I do believe in come backs, but I know when a game is over.
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