Malz's reworked passive has been causing problems since day 1

because an anti assassin mage whose defining weakness was his immobility shouldn't be given that added layer of safety. So lets just never address it, pretend it was good design, and just fuck around with Malz's ratios till the end of time because if we actually changed it it would be admitting this entire incredibly half assed Malz rework journey was a completely pointless waste of time and resources. Riot games. And you know what else really gets me about Malz's new passive. You used it to get rid of the old passive. The old voidlings which facilitated a completely different but no less effective style of Malz play, that of AD jungle Malz. You killed AD jungle Malz, which had a high skill floor and unique pet based playstyle, just so you could give him a boring lazy lame as shit bubble you can't balance. I know you've all admitted those class reworks were a mistake, so why not just shelve the current Malz rework till you have time to actually give him a proper rework, maybe even one that emphasizes his pets and not so much his ability to make Kat and Yasuo mains cry in all chat.
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