Will Riot work on "pseudo-assassins" in the assassin roster update?

Assassins as a role are unusual because many champions classified as other roles can effectively build and function as assassins. They range from being truly assassins in everything but name, like Quinn, to suboptimal cheese builds, like assassin Jarvan, but its important to recognize that these builds exist and that some of these champions are rightfully considered assassins by the community. While Riot has already settled on which assassin champion are receiving major reworks, they haven't said a lot on what champions are due for minor work. I'm wondering whether Riot will take a pass on champions who exist on the edge of the assassin class. While some "assassin-like" champions might need their more assassin-like qualities formalized, I'm hoping that Riot takes the opportunity to take champions who aren't thematically assassins and push them away from the assassin class. Some specific champions I hope they'll do this for are {{champion:80}} {{champion:131}} and {{champion:59}} , because these champions are visually heavily armored fighters.
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