I can't help but wonder how the game would go if Regen Globes were added

Regeneration Globe
An allied blue regeneration globe is collected by walking over it. The globe will heal 9% of the Heroes maximum Health and 7% of the Heroes maximum Mana in 5 ticks over 5 seconds. It will not only heal and restore mana for the hero that collects it, but also nearby friendly heroes.
Regen Globes in HotS are a neat and interactive way to give every hero some lane sustain, and I can't help but wonder how they'd work if added to League. Of course, they'd need to have a LOT of changes, and would need to accompany a yearly change, but I can see them fitting in if done properly. If they were added, I'd do the following to tweak them: - Change them to restore a % of your missing health/mana instead of maximum HP/MP. This makes them more of a comeback recovery mechanic rather than a top-off thing. - Make them spawn from Cannon Minions, but only if you score a last-hit on them. - Make them only restore the player who picks it up, not nearby allies as well.
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