So what do we think of kayle

I want to know what y’all think of kayle. Personally I think her early game is way to weak and she can get stomped on too easily but at the same time her late game is way to strong and gives the enemy almost no chance to win. Now with games being shorter it not likely that kayle gets to late game but there is still a chance and I think her late game power needs to be shifted to at least give the enemy team a chance to do something to her late game. Take Jax for example, he is a late game monster but if your coordinate with you team you can cc him and kill him. With kayle not only is it harder to cc her cause she will be ranged and in the back line but even if you do she will ult and become invulnerable while still doing massive damage. If riot could just shift some of her late game power to her early game she would be a great champion. So I think kayle might actually need her true damage removed and replaced with something else
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