Fuck the Jungle Changes

Nerfing an entire role is a good old fashioned knee to the groin to a large portion of the game's player base. But it isn't the first time something this bad was done to the game. And it isn't the first time the jungle, specifically, was nerfed. Last time it happened, it rendered all but two jungle champions very nearly obsolete because Riot thought it a good idea to make jungle monsters tankier and deal more damage to lessen the amount of ganks jungle could give in between camps. It was such a horrendous decision that even Riot reverted the change! This time around it's the exp that got nerfed. It takes far too long to reach 6 and even longer to reach 11 that by the time a jungle can even put a second point into their ultimate, the game is likely already decided! But at least we have crabs to help compensate, right? WRONG! Each attempt at farming that thing will likely result in a death match unless one of the oh so helpful mid laners decided to smite it first! But-but-but pathing. What about pathing? These changes make it so pathing is more unique and varied! Who the hell asked for that? Who the hell wanted diversity added to their farming? It's the middle of the season for crying out loud! Laners don't have to put up with that bullshit; so, why should jungle? I don't like farming at a snail's pace, I don't like engaging in a death match over a crab, I don't like being expected to gank a solo lane that is 2-3 levels above me. Fuck the Jungle Changes!
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