After 8.7 Why would anyone take any Runes but Precision/Sorcery?

Okay. I'm honestly scared about 2-3 changes that are coming up in runes: 1) Precision Runes: Presence of Mind (P2) Effect changed to: "Takedowns restore 20% of your maximum mana and refund 10% of your Ultimate's cooldown." Sorcery Runes Manaflow Band (S2) Effect changed to: "Hitting an enemy champion with an ability permanently increases your maximum mana by 25, up to 250 mana. After reaching 250 bonus mana, restore 1% of your missing mana every 5 seconds Cooldown: 15 seconds" In other words..... WE'RE BACK TO INFINITE MANA. Not only that, Manaflow is going to charge {{champion:13}} {{item:3003}} {{item:3042}} This change means..... we're going to see adcs with infinite mana again, meaning not only will they have sustained auto attack damage, but they will never run out of mana either. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And then think about Ultimate Hat, and this Rune compilation: Precision: Press the Attack/Fleet Footwork Presence of Mind Legend: Alacrity Cut Down/Coup Des Gras Sorcery: Ultimate Hat Gathering Storm ...... think about that on a champ like {{champion:10}} Suppose Kayle is just Tier 1 Ult, But had 40% CDR and gets Ultimate hat charged. That's a 45 second cooldown to begin with, and with Presence of Mind, it's going to refund enough mana to cast his skills 6-7 more times, AND put her Ult cooldown down to 40.5 seconds. FURTHERMORE: Nothing about the skill reads out to mean this isn't a SPAMMABLE ult cooldown reduction. If Kayle/anyone with her wins a group fight..... that's 61.10% Ult cooldown reduction TO AN ENTIRE TEAM. This rune as written is BEYOND BROKEN. What it boils down to: If you lose a team fight, Presence of Mind is going to ensure that when you ress, your opponent's ults are ALL going to be up again, while yours aren't. This means...... if {{champion:10}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:11}} ...... etc.... champs with REALLY POWERFUL ULTS take this rune........ they literally will be lopsiding games by virtue of one rune, and some of them literally have no counterplay other than hoping their ult is NOT up. ---------------------------------------------------------- Bottom Line: These 3 runes in their optional combinations with Presence of Mind are going to create snowballs that are unmitigateable, and faster than ever before. The rune at the VERY LEAST needs to be changed from TAKEDOWN to KILLS, and if you really insist on it, IT NEEDS A COOLDOWN. I mean..... I play {{champion:267}} and I already get her waves down to 45 seconds. Imagine if I had Nami waves at 20 seconds..... I have a 61% Kill participation rate as is. Takedowns mean I would literally be able to spam waves faster than the other team can even RESS. It means {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:40}} all get strong ult spammage as well, because they get assists, just by virtue of existing. ------------------------------------------------------- What I find hilarious about this is: This is right after they screwed with {{item:3124}} and added almost 300 damage to {{champion:10}} 's auto attacks because of how they changed the damage per hit to SCALE while also scaling AP and AD bonuses. Her ult is already a problem with CDR builds. Now it's going to be active every fight in ADDITION to that new Ginsoo's damage..... and Riot thinks 300g added back into Ginsoo's price is going to fix that imbalance in that champ. Rofl. I'd love to see a Dev in the conversation. If this reaches live, it's going to ruin your game.
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