Is Kai’Sa ever going to get meaningfully changed?

Okay, I get it, she’s hella popular. But the fact that she’s in almost every game in SoloQ and her presence in competitive is insanely high tells a lot about her current state. Kai’Sa is capable of doing everything a traditional adc can only dream of. She has burst damage (and don’t tell me her upgraded Q doesn’t burst people down), sustained damage, on hit damage, invisibility, an AS steroid on top of that stealth, long range poke, a big ass shield and a long range dash. Sure, writing down what her kit does doesn’t make her OP, but honestly speaking, what’s that thing Kai’Sa CAN’T do? She can also build literally any defensive item (AP or AD) and lose zero damage overall because she scales with everything. It’s indeed fun playing against a champion with Zhonya’s/Banshee’s, invisibility, ms steroid, a dash and a massive shield. For the love of god do something about her. I’m so tired of playing against that busted ass champion and seeing her in every game, pro included.
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