@Riot: Every rioter on the balance team needs to watch this video by Scarra

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrdF1Y4aPPw Scarra is extremely qualified: he's been a pro player, coach, and analyst for league. He also plays a ton of high-elo SoloQ, multiple roles, and multiple styles. He brings up a lot of the points people have have been going on about for a long time (power creep etc). Thing is that he much more articulate in his views and I think it would be amazing if the balance team could work with Scarra in the future (I think they do a little bit right now). I feel like a lot of the "this meta is shit" is _rooted_ in a lot of the points scarra brings up, and instead of just band-aiding each problem doesn't really make the game feel better. Scarra talks about how the game is "balanced in a bad way". Like I wouldn't say the game is super _unbalanced_, but the way its being balanced right now just doesn't feel good to play, and it feels like with each patch we're digging deeper into a hole where old league is no more and this _is_ league.
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