People who think Voice Coms will improve League

Have never played Halo, GoW, Graw, TF2, CoD, CS:GO or any other PvP game with voice communications (many of these games must have it due to format, lack of pings and no keyboard). It is worst of all on Free To Play games like this. What you will get: Mouth breathers Foreign langauges The guy who thinks everyone wants to hear his music The shitty $2 mic Dogs barking Yelling family members The sports playing in the background Screaming flamers The guy who yells one profane word all game over and over The kid yelling at his mom to make him a PBJ Kids trying to swear and sound cool The voice emulator "girl" who acts hot The guy that moans all game The people who spam yell instructions at you Everyone thinking they are team "captain" People having screaming arguments about KDAs and plays People discriminating against people's voices or speech patterns 11 year old voices cracking "AHH GET SHIT ON SCRUBS!" Morality speeches from support players People blasting your ears out anytime they die/get a kill "GAAAAANKKSS WTF!" Vocalized The guy who plays the game and voices over his speakers and uses a mic The person who intentionally feedbacks the audio when doing bad The person who blares porn over the mic How it will affect teamplay: Fewer people will properly use pings and chat People in voice chat will buddy up against those not using it The one out of 100 lucky team to properly utilize it will stomp the other Lag More intentional trolling/feeding Benefits it will bring: Once on a blue moon a team will use it correctly and get slightly boosted performance. For me. I have no interest in hearing it, using it, having it used or knowing it exists. I'd rather immerse myself in the game and music, and have fun. Playing competitive games with voicecom before it is pure cancer and is NEVER used right. The only people who think it is good at either delusional ones who think anybody was paying attention to the orders they barked or genuinely ignorant people who have never played games with voicecoms. It is all the immaturity of the Internet and shitty personalities pounded into your ear with a 1/100 game benefit that will split communication ruining teamplay further. #For those saying what has already been addressed "Mute" doesn't fix what happens to the now divided communication system voice chat would create. The options are: A: Deal with cancer. B: Turn it off and deal with reduced communication as people forget what pings and chat is. C: Selectively mute 99% of people encountered. Whereas no voice chat everyone is on an even playing field for communication with pings and chatbar. Things far less toxic where the worst you get is "?" Ping or some easily ignored text without breaking game immersion.
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