I keep losing when i try my fucking soul out to win every game and when i dont even deserve to lose, game is such in a shitty state rn it's disgusting. And to add to it, i can have a fucking 10 win streak and i still win 12 lp in gold 2 and keep losing to gold 4 only to gain 16 a win, and its even worse when youre at 0 lp and tank more your mmr every lose you get. It's so fucking disgusting that this kind of game can happen 2 times in a row : It's obvious riot rig the matchmaker so it try to force streaks : hey, let's make this player feel good about himself so he keep playing to climb and purchasing skins since he have fun, give him a win streak! Oh, now he won enough, if he reach the rank he want he wont play anymore and wont purchase anymore skins, time to make him lose all the elo he won so he keep playing to regain what he lost! Oh if he keep losing he will just quit the game and won't purchase skins anymore, give him a win streak back! Oh be sure he don't get the rank he want also so he keep being addicted to gambling! Just rinse and repeat, here's a loyal playerbase!
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