My biggest concern about post-VGU Swain's kit Currently Swain is a Battlemage with a Drain-tank playstyle similar to Vladimir and Mordekaiser, making me never really consider picking him up without knowing I could get the same package with one of the other HP casters. Yet that playstyle is what most Swain mains seem to be attached to, being a Bird Demon that strolls into battle without giving two bothers about what's happening around them. Yet Riot seems bent on removing that aspect of Swain in favor of a more "Master tactician" identity. Which makes me wonder how Swain is gonna remain "Swain" when his entire playstyle is going to be thrown out of the window. Just the visuals of a Bird Demon isn't going to cut it if he's going to be some squishy mage similar to Azir or Xerath. So, how is this going to make Swain mains happy? Not hating on it or anything, just wondering how this VGU is going to be able to cater to old mains and newer ones without completely alienating old players.
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