Can't really say I like this new placements mechanic

I haven't played much of this game recently, and when I hoped onto my smurf and got it to level 30 finally, I noticed that there's a new placement mechanic in the game. Being Diamond 1 on my main, I figured this would be cool to check out. I just got done completing my 8 games of placements, and these were the results: 6 wins on Jayce, 1 win on Janna, 1 loss on Jayce. For a total of 83% wr, which put me in Iron 1 24 LP. Not to mention the whole time I am playing with Gold and Silver players. This just makes no sense to me and if you hate smurfs, then youre going to see a hell of a lot more now than before. 7 games of winning last placements would get you into gold 5-4 ish. Winning all 10 would put you in Plat 5. Now if you want to get to plat 5, you basically have to 40ish games in a row just to get there. Pretty nutty, especially considering the fact that at least 5 or so of those games are gonna be automatic losses from troll/afk players. Basically it sucks for both smurfs and normal players. Most smurfs dont even mind because they enjoy stomping in low elos. But for the normal players, theyre going to have to deal with smurfs a lot more than ever before. Just my input on this.
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