The real issue isnt "ADC's" its "Tanks"

The fact is the ADC' is supposed to be the sustain dps throughout the fight the mages are supposed to be slightly bursty but provide utility assassins are mobile and try to reach the back line to kill a high priority target bruisers build damage and tank. and provide smart amount of short duration CC as well as damage in a sustain fight (im not putting support as a role as there are multiple types of support, mages and tank but they mostly provide utility ) and tanks are supposed to engage the fight, provide LOTS of continuous CC and peel. TANKS are not supposed to be able to 1v1 the adc... tanks are supposed to be able to STOP the enemy adc from doing much, and delay their adc.. and after about 10 seconds.. if no one comes to help them they will probably die to the adc.. but they are not supposed to KILL the adc. they are not supposed to do DAMAGE. an ADC should ALWAYS beat the tank in a 1v1 if they are the last ones alive. THERE SHOULD BE NO OTHER OUTCOME. obviously when i say "always" I'm not talking about a bronze 5 adc losing to a diamond 2 tank. I'm talking equal skill level. also.. i don't play tank... OR adc... but i do support a lot, and i do jungle. the prob is ADC just cant KILL the people they are supposed to kill. ADC is the class DESIGNED to kill the tanks... if they cant do it... no one can... EDIT: i actually made this thread BEFORE instalock plosted this video and i find it kinda funny that i posted this thread and the same day they made a video about this. (which they obviously count have done in the 4 hours between i made this thread and their video) but either way it sums everything up rather nicely
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