Honestly as an ADC main i don't mind all this crazy shit going on bot...but

Before i go into the but,no pun intended, i just want to say it really feels refreshing not knowing who youre going to face bot lane,it feels nice to see different combinations of champions going there,hell i even heard supp mains rejoicing when they have a bruiser bot since he doesn't need babysitting so much and they can support the whole team better or roam more. I tried going morde bot,even tried Nasus bot,won both times and had a lot of fun. But,i feel like either ADCs should start going other lanes or jungle,and its kinda ironic how people always cry when ADCs start being viable mid/top/jg (Lucian,Vayne,Twitch) or at least get some sort of rushable first item that has some defensive stats in it,so they can at least survive the laning phase. The way {{champion:81}} can buy {{item:3078}} or {{item:3025}} as his first item and not be a useless sack of gold for anyone that looks at him the wrong way,meanwhile {{item:3139}} {{item:3156}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3072}} are all good items,you just cant rush them as your first or you'll be complete dead weight to your team Honestly just something like 40 armor 30 AS 20% crit Passive: When brought bellow 30% HP get a burst of 50% ms for 1 second I don't think its overbearing,its maybe even weak,but its just a template,it could be something completely different,but you get my point. ADCs want change too,if you switch up the botlane switch up the marksmen class as well,we don't want to be babysitted,we don't want to go always bot,and we sure as hell don't want to feel squishier than a caster minion. I always said,that i'd rather give up 30% of my damage to be 30% harder to kill,the thing is,as an ADC,you can't even think about buying anything defensive until you've at least bought your 2 core items,and by then the game could already be decided. Our only real options for early defensive items are {{item:3047}} and {{item:3111}} but i don't think its enough Anyone else feel the same way?
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