I'm all for taking power out of Taliyah wall, but worked ground MS is non-negotiable

I know you're probably trying to make it harder for her to teamfight safely, escape ganks, and dodge skillshots in exchange for giving her back some waveclear and adding some harass, but that MS is a large part of why she can even put out dps or hit targets with multiple hits of q in the first place, so it's probably going to be a net negative change. = / Beyond that, aiming q without that MS is just going to feel really goddamn bad. Like stupidly bad. It's been there this entire time for a reason. Please don't remove it. It's a huge satisfaction point for how the champion plays. Re: the other changes: W CD looks nice on paper, but I can't imagine it having enough impact to merit taking power away from other parts of the kit for it. E change seems crappy, especially when it seems like you're focusing on making her able to waveclear more sustainably and maybe more interactively? Just gut wall CD instead or something please, jesus. As cool as full mana refund on q is, losing worked ground MS to get it is not going to be worth it.
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